Meet Our Supporters!

Legal Leaf knows that rolling solo is tough work! That’s why we’ve begun forming key relationships with various companies and cannabis businesses.

We are working around the clock to form strategic partnerships with a wide variety of companies. By fostering these relations; we are providing ourselves a solid foundation to launch our project forward, while also helping to support different cannabis companies and other small businesses. 

If you are an interested party, please feel free to contact us via a contact form or email to learn more about our support plans!

Legal Leaf LLC of Maine




Naturally we had to partner up with another Legal Leaf! These folk are based in Maine and are our choice for Marijuana Packaging Solutions

Hashery Inc


Based in Maine; this company makes THC edibles and rosins. Check them out on Instagram!



Gifting just got made easy! With Boxedimity; all your gifting needs will be fulfilled with professional results and quality service. From premade boxes, custom orders, and even subscription boxes – Boxedimity has the gifting solution for you!


10% off to all holders for quick pick boxes

20% off concierge fees for custom boxes




Sebago Cannabis Company Inc 

More info to come…