With the comeuppance of alt-coins on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC), lots of tokens are flooding the market hoping to be the next SafeMoon. Of those thousands of coins out there, I’d like to feature one specific project that has come into my life that I don’t think screams scam or SafeMoon knockoff…


Legal LEAF. It’s exactly what you think it is. Weed + Crypto.

With the importance of PooCoin on the BSC for charts and price info, and terms like “shit-coin” essentially being the default word to self-describe these tokens and their utility, you’d probably expect an edgy, memey name such as Legal LEAF to be another one of these crazy, hype-driven projects. But that’s where you’d be mistaken. In the depths of this memey, rug-pull filled blockchain environment, lies a token with a purpose. And not just any purpose, a purpose about weed, my favorite thing as a budtender/crypto investor. 


If there’s one thing I’ve learned since getting into projects on the BSC, it’s that there’s a ton of people just trying to get rich and run off with other people’s cash. I’ve been a sucker for certain rug-pulled projects 5 times now. *I’m not trying to brag, I’m just saying that doing your own research is IMPORTANT* And that’s why I decided to write about Legal LEAF. After doing my own research and checking out their community, I was sold and felt like I could at least spread the word about this project since they are legitimate and have a mission which I agree with – they simply want to help fight for the legalization of cannabis throughout the world.


Legal LEAF

This project is going to launch soon. They plan on achieving their goal of fighting for cannabis legalization by setting up donations to reputable organizations worldwide which share similar ambitions. In addition to fighting for cannabis legalization, they also intend on establishing brick-and-mortar locations in cannabis-legal areas to sell their own products and accessories down the line. For what they’re working on in the present; Legal LEAF is working getting listing on popular crypto exchanges such as WhiteBit, getting onto CoinMarketCap and CoinGecko, and generally aiming to be as easily-assessible as possible. 

I believe this project has potential. After seeing the community grow as quickly as it has in the 3 days I’ve been invested, and seeing the strong support from people through multiple countries across the world in their Telegram group, I know there’s a want for this type of coin. Their dev is very active in the Telegram community and is 100% transparent about their marketing expenses and what he’s been paying for out of pocket to start this project. I spoke to one of the admins of Legal LEAF before deciding to write this article, and affirmed that this is a serious project and is geared to be long-term. This isn’t meant to be one of those pump-and-dump coins that we’re all too familiar with – if you’ve spent any time on the BSC – nor is it some meme coin. This project has a serious intentions and a strong *budding* community – so to speak.



As seen with many other projects on the BSC, Legal LEAF has a unique property in their contract which rewards the holders of the coin. Every transaction has a 10% tax, where 5% goes to the liquidity pool to ensure safe and proper trading, and the other 5% gets redistributed to the holders. Similar to how you can earn yields through liquidity staking; only this works through the contract itself and therefore doesn’t require any additional transactions to claim your rewards, just hodl and see it accrue in your wallet as people buy/sell their coin.

  • BSC Gem that supports cannabis legalization through donations [Weed + Crypto]
  • BSC = VERY LOW gas fees
  • Awesome community challenges to be held
  • Honest and transparent about marketing costs
  • Actively working on multiple platform and exchange listings
  • Quickly growing number of holders
  • Help support worldwide cannabis legalization
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If you like weed, or maybe just investing in potential moonshots, go ahead and give them a peep!

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